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If you are not familiar with CrossFit, you may think that our prices are higher than typical gym memberships. What do you get from a typical gym membership? You pay a flat fee to use the equipment. At CrossFit McComb, we program your workouts, instruct movements, scale the workout if necessary, offer nutritional suggestions if requested, and are committed to each client every time you walk in the door. Our group sessions are the equivalent of semi-personal training.

There are four major reasons why being a member at a Crossfit Gym are a better investment than being a member of other gyms.

1) Programming

2) Coaching

3) Community

4) Accountability

Remember, we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals…if you commit, you will achieve fitness beyond expectation. What are your expectations? Sign up today!

Membership Plans

All Memberships have a onetime $35 Registration Fee. There is a $40 fee on all returned checks.

All members must use the auto draft to be under contract.

Cancellation of a membership comes within 30 days of being notified. Early cancellation comes with a $250 Fee.

____ On-Ramp Class – 1 month unlimited – $50 (One Time Only)

____Full Time Members – 6 Month Contract – $100 Monthly

____Full Time Members – 3 Month Contract – $115 Monthly

____Full Time Members – Single Month Contract – $125

____Family Membership – 6 month contract – $175 monthly for 2 family members / $50 for each additional family member. Each family member must pay the registration fee. Family members reside in the same household.

_____College / High School Students – $70 monthly / 6 Month Contract

_____Service / Senior Membership – $70 monthly /6 Month Contract/ Service Membership include All Military Branches, Firemen, Police, Sheriff’s Department, EMT, Teachers/Educators, doctors and nurses. Senior citizens are athletes over 60 years of age.

_____Punch Cards – $150 for 15 classes. No Expiration.

_____Walk In Fee – $20 Daily / $50 Weekly

Personal Training – One-on-one, small group sessions are available. Each person must be a member of Crossfit McComb and pay additional hourly fee, negotiated by the trainer. These sessions must be cleared through the head coach.