Ryan Hobgood


Ryan began CrossFit in January of 2018. She had never been an athletic person, but watched a CrossFit documentary on Amazon Prime and was intrigued enough to give it a try. As someone who was a fearful person with low confidence in her abilities, (and had a daughter who is quite the opposite) she knew she needed to make some changes. With encouragement from her husband Simpson, she sought out local CF gyms, attended the 5:30am class, and never looked back!

CrossFit has helped Ryan not only overcome her fears, but completely shatter them time and time again! She has never had as much confidence in herself as she does now and proves to herself with each WOD that she is capable of more than she ever imagined.

The cherry on top for Ryan is all the wonderful people that she is surrounded by. People who never cease to give her new goals and push her to be the best version of herself. Now that she is a coach, Ryan hopes she can do the same for anyone who decides to come try this sport.