LeeAnn Bates


LeeAnn has been an avid CrossFitter since 2012. After seeing the positive changes CrossFit makes in people’s lives, she decided to pursue her passion by obtaining her Level 1 Trainer designation in July 2014. She has multiple competitions under her belt, including a 1st place finish in the Masters Female division at the 2013 Deep South Shootout. Other achievements include 3rd place in the Masters Female Division at both the 2014 Battle on the Bayou and the 2014 Who’s Bad Masters Competition, and 2nd place in the Female Masters division at the 2014 Summer Partner Throwdown.

She has attended assorted seminars to grow both personally and professionally with CrossFit. These include a Gayle Hatch Olympic Weightlifting for CrossFit Athletes seminar, The Explosive Seminar with Ryan Moody, and a rowing seminar hosted by Geaux Row. In addition to being deeply involved with CrossFit, LeeAnn is co-owner of IOSIM, Inc., in Magnolia, MS. She holds a Bachelor of Music from The University of Southern Mississippi (1993), along with a Masters of Business Administration from USM (1995).