LeeAnn Bates


LeeAnn has been an avid CrossFitter since 2012. After seeing the positive impact CrossFit makes on people’s lives, she decided to pursue her passion by obtaining her Level 1 Trainer designation in July 2014, and her Level 2 Trainer designation in December 2018. She loves to use the fitness she’s gained doing CrossFit to take advantage of the many outdoor opportunities in the area – and encourages others to use their fitness to participate in activities they find fulfilling. She also competes in local functional fitness competitions, enjoys obstacle course races, runs ultramarathons, participates in many different types of cycling events, has completed several half ironman distance triathlons, and recently climbed her first 14,000 ft mountain. When asked what she is training for – her normal response is “Life!” – which means anything that looks interesting and challenging.

In addition to being the head coach at CrossFit McComb, LeeAnn is co-owner of IOSIM, Inc. She holds a Bachelor of Music from The University of Southern Mississippi (1993), along with a Masters of Business Administration from USM (1995)