Jay Greer


Jay has been a student of High Intensity Interval Training and Crossfit since August 2013. Jay states that, “Crossfit has changed my life and I’m never going back.” This spurred him to become more involved and led him to obtain his Crossfit Level 1 Certificate in March 2015. Prior to Crossfit, Jay was primarily a distance runner and some traditional body building exercises mixed into training. Since then, he has continued to run, but has added cycling and swimming into training in preparation for triathlon. Jay has competed in many short, medium, and long distance road running races, obstacle mud runs, and Crossfit competitions.
Jay is a 2005 (Agribusiness undergraduate degree) and 2011 (MBA graduate degree) graduate of Mississippi State University. He is married to Molly Greer and has a son, Jackson, and a daughter, Zoey Marie.