CrossFit McComb – CrossFit

32-Pack (4 Rounds for reps)


Single Arm Plank

Glute Bridges

Single Arm Plank

Flutter Kicks

*Single Arm plank alternates on each interval (right hand up, left leg up, then opposite on the next)


**We’ll work through all 8 tabata rounds of a movement before moving on to the next movements

**A tabata is :20 Seconds of work :10 of rest

**You’ll spend 4 Minutes at each station

**You will have 4 scores for this workout, one for each movement

**Total workout time is 16 Minutes


2-3 Sets

5 Inchworms

30 Second Hollow Hold

5 Shoulder Taps

30 Second Arch Hold

Something other than tabata (Time)

8 rounds

30 doubles (60 singles)

12 alt forward lunges (Db in farmers carry)

12 alt db push presses (6 per side)