CrossFit McComb – CrossFit

Overhead Squat (1×5)

Hang On We’ll Sync Up! (AMRAP – Reps)

With an 8-minute Running Clock

Divide and Conquer Buy In

(This means you share the work, split it anyway you want, one athlete works at a time)

– Intermediates: 100 Hanging Knees to Chest (toes above hips)

– Novice/Masters: 100 Hanging Knee Raises (knees above hips)

Kettlebell Escalating Synchro AMRAP

2-4-6-8-10 and so on of …

– Synchro Alternating KB Shoulder To Overhead

– Synchro Russian KB Swing

– Synchro Goblet KB Squat

Synchro Alternating KB S2OH –

Synchro- For the rep to count, both athletes must have the KB fully locked out overhead, with the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees fully extended, the KB over the middle of the body and with the feet in line, at the same time.

Alternating- Upon completion of the rep athletes will lower the KB to the shoulder or below before switching it into the other hand.

Synchro Russian KB Swings –

Synchro- For the rep to count both athletes must achieve the arms-straight, hands-above-shoulders, hip-extended position at the same time.

Synchro Goblet Squat –

Synchro- For the rep to count both athletes must have their hip creases below the knee at the same time.

KB Variations:

Intermediate Men: 53lb (24kg)

Intermediate Women: 35lb (16kg)

Novice/Masters Men: 35lb (16kg)

Novice/Masters Women: 26lb (12kg)