CrossFit McComb – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

For total team time…

4 person Team Conga Line

100 Calorie Bike

100 KB Swings (rx+: 70/55, rx: 53/35#)

100 Ball Slams 30/20

100 Box Overs 20″

800m banded run

Within the team of 4, partner up 2 and 2. Select which team of 2 will go first in this conga line. Strategize this.

First team of 2 will start on the bike, splitting the reps/calories however needed to complete the 100 as quickly as possible. Once they finish, they will move onto the next movement immediately, and their partners, other team of 2 will start on the bike.

If the second team of 2 finishes their movement before their partners finish their movement in front of them, they must wait until the team in front finishes that movement before starting theirs.

Both teams of 2 move as quickly as possible through this conga line and when all 4 have finished the 800m run, that is your team time!

*Scaling box overs, you may step up and over for this particular workout, which is not typical but permissible today!

*If team of 4 women, calorie bike can be RXd at 70 cals, but not with mixed teams

*If odd number of athletes, and unable to have a team of 4, try your best to form a team of 2 if possible, to make this work the best, and then cut the reps completely in half and move through quickly like each other team. If for whatever reason you must have a team of 3 or 1, please “shadow a team”, which means 1 person joins a group of 2 and when one person works on the team, you work as well for max reps. When they stop you stop… and so forth.