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DT Synchro & Pulling for a Hero (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

PART 1: 6-Minute AMRAP

– 12 Synchro Deadlifts

– 9 Synchro Hang Cleans

– 6 Synchro Shoulder-to-Overheads (S20H)


**Deadlifts: both athletes must be standing with the bar at full extension at the same time.

**Cleans: both athletes must have the bar in the front rack position with the hips and knees extended, at the same time.

**S2OH: both athletes must have the bar fully locked out overhead, with the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees fully extended, the bar over the middle of the body and with the feet in line, at the same time.

Intermediate Men: 105#

Intermediate Women: 75#

Novice/Masters Men: 75#

Novice/Masters Women: 55#

2:00 Minutes Rest/Transition to Part 2

PART 2: 2-Minute Time Cap

– 40 Pull-ups -OR- 60 Ring Rows (Team Choice)

Total – not each

Metcon (Time)

time to complete 40 pullups or 60 ring rows

Hold Down the Floor, I’ll Be RIGHT Back! (Time)

– 27 Row Calories

– 21 1-Arm Alternating DB Snatch

– 15 HR Push-ups

– 9 1-Arm Alternating DB Squat Clean

1 athlete works at a time. The non-active athlete holds a “front leaning rest” FLR position (i.e., a high plank).

Dumbbell Variations:

Intermediate Men: 50#

Intermediate Women: 35#

Novice/Masters Men: 35#

Novice/Masters Women: 20#

Athletes must tag hands each time the non-active athlete is about to become the active.

8 min cao